AQUA festival
16th November 2019
Mandril Cultural and Political Centre
Maastricht The Netherlands

AQUA has no definite shape. It is resistance against all forms of rigidity that denies us of our fluidity. AQUA is about flow — from an undefined beginning to an ever-expanding center towards an indefinite destination. AQUA is a celebration of our possibilities reclaimed from different forces that compel us to take the shape and remain within the boundaries of stereotypes, prejudice, and bigotry.

Women. Women of colour. Queer women. Women with vaginas, women without. Women of religion, women, women not. Women socialised as such, women not. Women.

AQUA FESTIVAL invites you to delve into, discover and connect with the community of women of minority background in and around Maastricht. It is a place for you to take up space, explore your own and meet the diverse world of women around you. With workshops, performances and music provided only by women of minority background - let's celebrate our creativity, connectivity and collectivity.

Body of work